Organic farming HAUER

new organic prefabricated pigsty in 3830 Großgerharts Austria

The company is an agricultural family business in which the joy of working with nature, the variety of farming possibilities, and thinking and acting in natural cycles are in the foreground. The Hauer family has a lot of experience with organic chicken breeding, as well as with organic germ grain farming. Organic pig farming is a new addition. A prefabricated breeding pigsty by Bayer Bau and Schauer Agrotronic for 100 sows, including their own remounting, was created "on the green field". The WelCon bio farrowing and piglet rearing barn was designed as a prefabricated construction made of wood and concrete. The waiting stable was built as a cold stable using carpenter timber construction.

"We are constantly striving to improve. To do this, we stay up to date with the latest organic research and exchange information with veterinarians. We are working on modern and nature-friendly agriculture."

"I have seen how large, conventional farms with livestock – both in poultry and especially in pig farming – are run. There is a huge difference between organic and conventional. The calmness of the sows during free farrowing motivated me to build this stall" Manuel Hauer, organic farmer.On August 6th at 10:00 a.m., there will be an open day at the Hauer family's organic pigsty in 3830 Großgerharts in Austria. A great program with a tent and music has been prepared. It is also possible to take part in guided tours of the stables. An excellent opportunity to get an insight into the modern organic prefabricated breeding pigsty.


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