Farrowing and Animal Welfare

Innovative but at the same time thoroughly tried and tested solutions for housing sows during lactation or farrowing. More space for the sows, piglet protection and farmer safety all take centre stage with the NatureLine farrowing crates.

  • WingFree: For the piglets, the "WingFree" Optimal protection in the farrowing phase and piglet’s first days
  • BeFree:Free farrowing pen with the possibility to fix - for conventional pig farms
  • CombiBox:Farrowing crate for piglet safety with the possibility to open - for conventional pig farms 
  • WelCon Bio: Completely free farrowing with outdoor area - for organic pig farms
  • Farro­wing pen of Wels: Cold housing solution with lying-down box for free farrowing - for organic farms
  • Group suck­ling: From the 4th week of lactation - for organic farms

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