Healt­hier Bedding and Reduc­tion of Straw Consump­tion

Automatic bedding systems

  • Time-saving: automatic bale unravelling
  • Cheaper: suitable for big bales, usage of own straw
  • Healthier: fully automatic dedusting of bedding
  • Safe: fire prevention, temperature control and spark detection
  • Quality improvement: improved straw quality
  • Straw-saving: save more than 50% straw

Automatic Straw Bedding Systems

Spotmix Welfare auto­mates the supply of organic mate­rials with a maximum length of 3 cm for the pigs to root and mani­pu­late. Ideal for straw, hay, corn silage, sawdust and shavings. The DLG (German Agricultural Society) FOKUS Test commends Spotmix Welfare in the area of energy consumption. A high level of dosing accu­racy saves large quan­ti­ties of bedding mate­rial.

Stroh­matic: auto­matic bedding and clean air. Save up to 66% straw, automatically remove dust and improve straw quality. Just switch on and go!
Stroh­matic is revo­lu­tio­nary, and the most labour efficient tech­no­logy since the inven­tion of the automated manure removal system. Clean dedus­ting, significant straw and labour savings.

Stroh­matic was installed in the low-emis­sion animal welfare pig house of Josef Gelb (a rising star among German pig farmers).

Strohmatic: bedding pigs and de-dust straw

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