Outdoor Area Details

As the floo­ring of the outdoor area is usually solid and the dung needs to be mechani­cally removed once to twice per week, it is espe­cially important that the sows and piglets are secured and the exercise area is made accessible by swinging away the exercise grilles.

  • The exit doors are available in high and low versions
  • They can be easily opened by the sow
  • Integrated flap for piglets

Outdoor Area Requi­re­ments

  • Work simplification: easy to control and operate
  • Continuous axles for dung removal, simple door mechanism, push-off edges
  • Proper drainage even with sufficient bedding
  • Clearly visible separation between lying down and activity areas (=outdoor area)
  • Dung and urine should be deposited in the outdoor area
  • Opportunity for social contact with pen neighbours
  • Easy roughage feeding and simple manure removal
  • Protection against wild animals and adverse weather conditions

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