Natu­re­Line – low-emis­sion welfare pig stable

Low-Emis­sion Welfare Pig Stable - Fresh air, animal friendly housing, labour effi­ci­ency and higher perfor­mances

Animal welfare and envi­ron­ment protec­tion are future-orien­tated values not only for us in the agri­cul­ture, but for entire society. More­over tried-and-tested Natu­re­Line concept saves energy and convinces with higher perfor­mances. Not only farmer, animal, envi­ron­ment are fasci­nated thereby, the known connois­seurs of the high-quality food too. With the L.E.W. pig stable  into the future.

Natu­re­Line is a concept for now and for the further gene­ra­tions.

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