NatureLine Organic Pig Farm

NatureLine organic pig farm for breeding and fattening in Franconia with many refinements!

The company's history has already been documented and awarded several times by Bavarian Radio and can be found on the company's website (

Initially, the focus was on her extraordinary history, which was fateful due to a significant fire in 2015, which led to the restart of the organic pig farm for 40 sows, including 350 piglet rearing and fattening places.

In the meantime, the managers Rebekka and Christian and their parents, Dietmar and Klara May, have quickly developed into model organic pig farmers.

Operational level of the organic farm:

  • 80 ha LN, of which 75ha AL and 5ha GL
  • 40 sows plus 350 piglet rearing and pig fattening places
  • Two chicken mobiles with 225 laying hens each
  • Farm shop selling a variety of farm products (fresh meat, sausage, eggs, spelt rice, flour, pasta, honey), plus regional sales outlets, an online shop with Germany-wide delivery ( and cooperation with regional butchers and certified organic restaurants
  • Workforce: 3 families entire working group, one family part working group, one trainee, one intern, 4 part working group



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