CO² Reduction: NatureLine animal welfare fattening barn

Neuhold family in southern Styria (Austria)

The top modern conventional welfare stable at Jaga’s Steirerei offers the animals 50% more space. Every animal has free access to the wellness , dining and relaxation areas. Underfloor heating, dust-free straw, and wood as a building material also ensure a lot of animal welfare. The construction time was about half a year. The Neuhold family is delighted with the new stable.

The project stable is located in southern Styria. Here Josef Neuhold processes and markets meat from around 2,700 pigs for slaughter. The constantly growing demands of its customers are to be met with the new animal welfare stable.

The project: SaLu-T

Better animal welfare and fewer emissions do not have to be a contradiction in terms.

This stable is also supported by the SaLu-T project (clean air in animal husbandry), which the Ministry of Life supports. In cooperation with the Raumberg-Gumpenstein research institute, the Medical University of Graz from Schauer, Lorber und Partner and ÖGUT (Austrian Society for Environment and Technology), all measurements such as emissions, fine dust, noise, etc. will take place over the next few years.

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