Schauer NatureLine 2.0 low-emission animal welfare pig stable

Schauer NatureLine low-emission animal welfare pig house, which (already) falls below the emission limits for the use of air washers!

The large-scale Austrian research, project SaLuT, which was carried out at a NatureLine animal welfare pig fattening barn in Styria brought a sensational interim result after the completion of the first series of tests since spring 2021. The partial results of the SaLuT project already confirm a reduction in dust, ammonia and odour emissions by 80 to 95%. Further developments in urine stabilisation will improve the result even further and thus will completely eliminate the need for an air washer! The reduction in dust is up to 80%, in ammonia is more than 80% and in odour up to 95% compared to a conventional barn with a manure channel under the slatted floor. Therefore, according to the specifications of the German TA-Luft regulation, an air washer would no longer be required! This unbelievable result can be explained by a clever combination of all previously known and available operations and technologies. These would be:


  • Multi-phase feeding with Schauer Spotmix, active air supply in the lying area with the option of cooling 
  • the division into 3 functional areas > the emitting areas are reduced to just 20% of the slatted floor
  • littering of dust-free straw with the Spotmix Welfare system. In addition, dust is bound on the floor by spraying rapeseed oil,
  • manure removal by scrapper and permanent and immediate faeces urine separation.

The fully covered and insulated outside area protects against the effects of any weather and, above all, against overheating, which is good for animal welfare and reduces emissions at the same time.

The official publication of the final results is expected in 2023. With these sensational results for the strong reduction in emissions of odour, ammonia and dust, the use of air washers, which is mandatory in many places, could be dispensed with.[1] 


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