Natu­re­Line Piglet Rearing House

Natu­re­Line piglet rearing houses are espe­cially animal friendly solu­tions for conventional or organic farms.

The construc­tion details in terms of equip­ment are in essence iden­tical to those for fattening houses. In any case Natu­re­Line piglet house systems ensure energy-saving and effi­cient pig produc­tion, maximising the performance poten­tial of the animals. The 3-zone pen with lying-down area is a classic and extre­mely func­tional version of the piglet rearing houses, with a divi­sion into three zones for resting, feeding and dropping manure. The resting area is constructed as a warm house. As an option, a particularly comfor­table micro­cli­mate zone with a covered lying-down area and a warm-water Twin­ pipe or under­floor heating system can be added. Alternatively the lying-down area can be constructed as a “lying-down box”, without the need for a warm house area and instead with roofing that covers the entire stable area (“outside climate house”). For espe­cially animal friendly, inno­va­tive and econo­mi­cally viable pig farming.

New patent-pending concept of the fattening house is a successful symbiosis of the demands of society for more animal welfare, less emis­sions in the pig farming and, on the other hand, addi­tional demands of the pig farmers for econo­mi­cally profi­table and labour-saving housing systems. Almost all “buil­ding bricks” of the concept are taken from prac­tice and have been proved over decades. At first the symbiosis with Natu­re­Line general concept makes a stable so successful.

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