BeFree Farro­wing Pen


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The BeFree free farrowing pen has established itself as one of the leading free farrowing systems in Europe and has been further developed in important details. An innovative and modular concept for the piglet nest allows it to be flexibly adapted to different size ratios, even up to the rearing of the piglets in the pen (FT 30 - farrow to 30 kg). A large piglet nest with gate valve and full cover with integrated flap offers optimal starting conditions for the piglets. The sow can be offered feed and straw in a combined trough in the trough area. A full piglet protection cage can be closed temporarily to protect the piglets for the first few days after birth.

"An important factor in the decision in favour of the BeFree pen was that the sow has maximum freedom of movement in the pen. We also liked that workers’ safety is an important consideration in the design." Martin Wimmer, Farmer of the Year 2015 Achieve maximum animal welfare and labour efficiency with minimum material input. Due to the unique patented geometry of the farro­wing pen, it is possible to provide a movement area of 4.6 m2 (49.5 ft2) for the sows with a pen area of only 6 m2 (64.5 ft2). When closed, a specially designed swivel bar provides the full functionality of a piglet protection cage to protect the newborn piglets. If the fence is swivelled 90° away from the piglet nest, the sow gets the greatest possible freedom of move­ment because “dead” inac­ces­sible corners are avoided.


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BeFree Farrowing Pen Design

The piglet nest
The dimen­sions of the piglet nest is 1,2 x 0,6 cm ( 42,2 x 23,6 inches)

  1. Protective bracket for temporary sow fixation
  2. Big piglet nest with cover – situated directly on the aisle
  3. The piglet nest measures 1.2 x 0.6 metres (47.2 x 23.6 inches)
  4. Closing flap with ventilation slit on the piglet nest
  5. Simple locking of the piglet closing flap
  6. Large free lying and movement area as well as feeding area with the possibility of fixation
  7. Protective bracket for the piglets’ safety 8. Tilting trough with rack for fodder and separate “sow-piglet” drinking trough

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