Free Farrowing Pen WingFree

New from Schauer Agrotronic: WingFree free farrowing pen - animal-friendly, safe and flexible- download Infos now

In addition to the BeFree free farrowing pen, established throughout Europe as an excellent labor-saving and animal-friendly farrowing pen, Schauer Agrotronic is expanding its product portfolio with the new "WingFree" free farrowing pen.

For the piglets, the WingFree pen offers optimal protection in the farrowing phase and the first days of life. The sow's free running area is made accessible by simply and safely opening or locking two side wings.

The piglet nest can be offered as an open version and also with a combined cover and fixation option.

Low pen partition walls provide a good overview, and the option of transverse or longitudinal installation complete the overall concept of the "WingFree".

  • Simplest operation
  • Maximum protection for staff and piglets
  • Suitable for both barn conversions and new buildings
  • Can be installed across or lengthways to the access aisle

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