Organic Farro­wing - WelCon Bio

The new WelCon Bio farrowing pen is a patented free farrowing crate that has been functionally thought through and further perfected down to the last detail. The farrowing pen reduces piglet crushing losses and the labour required to keep the crate clean. It also offers the possibility of temporarily locking the sow away in the feeding area, so that treatments can be carried out on the piglets in safety. Despite the low space requi­re­ments of only 7.5 m² in the inner area, WelCon Bio offers ideal func­tional areas for nest buil­ding and farro­wing, as well as feeding and lying down. There is an outdoor activity area for piglets and sows, which can be accessed through an exit door. Due to the optimal posi­tio­ning of the drin­king troughs the animals drop dung and urine in the outdoor area. Swivelling outlet grids allow the animals to be quickly fixed in the indoor area, making manure removal easy.

Images Welcon Bio farrowing

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