Free Farrowing Pens for Birthing and Lactating Sows

With NatureLine free farrowing pens, the health and well-being of the mother sows and piglets take priority. The new orientation in keeping sows is based on biological, ecological and ethical principles, which are completely focused on animal welfare and animal health. The NatureLine farrowing pen puts an end to cramped conditions and ensures that the mother sow can turn around and move actively in her stall. In the early days, the piglet pen can remain closed, keeping the young animals protected and safe. The pen can be opened at any time, an enormous advantage which increases the well-being of the nursing sows as well as the piglets. With different models and designs, there is a suitable farrowing pen for every pig farm - whether conventional or organic. Alternatively, there are boxes for group suckling, which are recommended from the 4th week of life of the young animals. The larger space not only increases the well-being, but also the health and vitality of the animals.

Advantages of Animal Welfare Housing with Free Farrowing Pens

Animal Health and Wellbeing 
The movement pens are based on the fundamentals of animal welfare and are not only effective on 
organic farms and in terms of organic animal husbandry, but also in conventional animal husbandry. More  space means more quality of life and better health for lactating sows and their piglets. 

More Safety for Piglets and Farmers 
While offering increased space for the sow, the piglets are protected effectively and not exposed to unnecessary risks. Attention was also paid to the protection of humans and to efficiency. As the piglet protection cage can be operated from the outside, the farmer is protected from potentially aggressive mother sows. In addition to the animal welfare aspect, the exercise stalls are also forward-looking in these respects. 

Proven Technology 
The free farrowing pen has already proved successful on test farms and in research, helping to get piglets through their critical phase without unnecessary risks and providing more rest for lactating sows.

Farmers who want to switch to a higher activity radius in pig farming and allow their lactating sows more movement will find practical and animal-friendly solutions at NatureLine. The purchase of free farrowing pens is eligible for subsidies in many countries, making the switch to more space per animal possible for all farmers.



Types of Free Farrowing Pens Available: CombiBox: Piglet protection cage with possibility of opening BeFree:

Free farrowing crate with option of fixation WelCon: New standard for organic pig farms - for free farrowing without possibility of fixation Wels Farrowing Pen: Organic cold housing solution with lying crate - for free farrowing without possibility of fixation

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