CombiBox farro­wing

The new CombiBox farro­wing pen from Schauer is a “quick-change artist” for the highest demands. It can be expected, that so far still legally permitted farro­wing pens with the perma­nent fixa­tion of the sows will be no longer allowed in the future. As a part of the project ProSau (AT) diffe­rent systems were tested for 1 ½ years. The CombiBox farro­wing pen for animal welfare that was used by Schauer within the frame­work of the project has been further deve­l­oped, so that it can offer maximum flexi­bi­lity for the possible appli­ca­tion.

The new CombiBox is comple­tely self-supporting and from now for the hori­zon­tally straight and diagonal instal­la­tion possible. The pen can be tele­scoped and has a hinged element, which makes possible not only length and width adjust­ment of the protec­tion cage, but it also can be comple­tely swung away for the maximum opening angle, so that a sow gets much more area for move­ment. It provides espe­cially simple assis­tance during the farro­wing. All movable elements of the protec­tion cage can be operated comfor­tably with little effort. The pen can be flexibly equipped with various floor elements, plastic slats and concrete elements. The piglets, sows, but first and fore­most people are pleased with so many inno­va­tions.

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